Real Demon Possession: Carla Mill’s Story

From: Dan Ranville Jr (N/A)
Story type: Channeling
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Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Sat Apr 17 07:56:22 2010

I am a paranormal studier. I’ve spoken to many people who have claims of being attacked by spirits, demons and other things. This is the story of Carla Mill who claims her friend was possessed by demons. All names have been changed and all personal details have been left out for the safety and privacy of those involved.

This story is entirely true and based on true events, the story was released to the public, but will not be added to this story. The year of when this took place will not be added nor will the age of anyone involved.

Word for word, this is Carla’s story.

My friend Laura was a strong religious person, along with her family. It was a Sunday and we had come home from Church, I was staying at her house that night along with 3 other friends, 2 of which were not very religious. It was 10:00PM and we were playing a game of truth or dare in which one of our non religious friends, Keira dared the group to use an ouija board, which she had brought along with her in the first place. Non of us wanted to but Keira kept bugging us and saying that it wouldn’t do any harm. We ended up agreeing to use it for 5 minutes and no more.

We started with the usual “is anybody there” we soon got a yes, other stuff we found out was that there was 3 spirits we were talking to, when we asked them if they were ghosts they said nothing, when we asks if they were angels we got no answer at all. After that we tried getting them to talk again but got no reply, so we packed the ouija board up.

We soon went to sleep, roughly around 3:00AM everyone was awoken suddenly, no noise was made or anything, we all just woke up for no reason. My other friend Ashley was the first to mention how strange it was, I then noticed something by the door, the lights were off so it was pretty much pitch black in there but I could see the outline of someone by the door, unsure of what I was seeing, I began pointing to it and asking if anyone else saw it. Macey, my other friend also could see something but not very clearly. Laura turned on the lamp and there was nothing there, so we turned the light off again but the outline was back, Laura again turned the light back on and instantlyt he light bulb blew. And I really mean blew, parts of the glass flew across the room. Freaked out, we decided to sleep in the living room that night.

The next day, Laura wasn’t feeling well, her eyes were red and was complaining about a sharp pain on her stomache, we checked her stomache and were completely shocked to see 3 claw marks across her stomache, they looked deep and were super thin, way to thin to have been from a person.

Laura was still sick over the next weeks and the cuts on her stomche hadn’t gone away, Ashley was visiting Laura about 1 week after the sleepover to see how she was going, after checking in on Laura who was not showing any signs of getting better, she went down stairs to ger a drink, as she walked past the hallway mirror she didn’t see her reflection but a black mist instead, she had to look twice but the second time she saw herself. She went into the kitchen and turned on the tap, as she began to fill up a glass she heard a groaking noise behind her, she spun around but nothing was there, when she turned back around she and turned off the tap, when she took a sip from the glass the water was boiling, literally, she said it was like she had emptied the kettle into her glass, even though she had turned on the cold tap.

Laura was still sick and 3 weeks had past. I was visiting after Church one day when her Mom said it wasn’t safe to see her, I asked why and she told me that lately Laura had been quiet in her room but whenever someone came in she would literally flip out and start screaming at them.

I decided not to go in and told the others about what had been going on. Keira and Macey had apparently already seen Laura and didn’t want to see her again.

1 month past and Laura wasn’t changing, only getting worse, her parents called a priest in to bless the house and see Laura. I was also there, but stayed by the door the whole time. They had to restrain her just so the priest could get close enough to see her. He asked her to explain how she felt and she started screaming at him anc cursing. He said a prayer while holding her hand and she continued screaming and cursing. I could feel something in the room with us, it was terrifying. There was a look in Lauras eyes that I had never seen ever, not even in a movie. Her skin was pale white and and her eyes were really red. The Priest said he had never seen this before and believed she was possessed. I came clean about using the Ouija board and the Priest then assumed it had to be a demon.

He left to do something. About 2 days later I found out that the Priest and 2 other Priests were going to perform an exorcism on Laura.

Another 3 days passed and the exorcism was going to take place, I wanted to be there for Laura so I manged to convince everyone to let me at least stand by the door.

The Priest first blessed the house and then the room. They said a prayer each over Laura. They held out a crusifix infront of her and she instantly began screaming and and trying to get rid of it.

A half hour went by, I was standing at the door watching, I couldn’t see much as the door was pretty far from where everyone else was. The Priests began another prayer and threw holy water onto Lauras forehead. She started screaming, but the screaming was so horrifying, I could not have been her voice, I heard Lauras Mom start panicking and yelling “whats wrong with her eyes??” I could not see from that far back but I would later discover that Lauras eyes had faded colour and turned silverish gray. She was screaming so loud, I swear I could hear more than one voice.

One of the Prists began yelling at Laura to tell him her name, talking to the demon. He was demanding it to leave Lauras body. She was screaming and trying to hit the priests. One Prist began throwing more holy water at her demanded to know the demons names. Laura let out a loud demonic scream and began screaming something in another language, I still don’t know what it is, no one told me. But screamed the names. Pyro,Paymon and Haures. They are the names of 3 demons. Pyro: Prince of falsehoods and lies. Paymon: a king of hell. Haures: Strong Duke of hell, commander of 20 legions. Everyone was silent for at least 20 seconds as Laura kept screaming those names over and over again, each name starting before the one before it had finished being said.

The Priests continued reciting prayers and blessing the room, demanding for the demons to leave Lauras body.

I was so frightended I wanted to leave but kept stopping myself. The more Laura screamed the more evil I felt in the room, a large picture frame fell off the wall beside me, I jumped to the side and screamed, everyone looked at me, other frames and books in the room began flying off shelves, I backed up closer to the door, as I got closer to the door I felt a strong presence near me and something pushed me out the door and slammed it shut. I tried opening it again but it wouldn’t budge. I could hear the Priests still praying inside and Laura screaming and yelling something in another language.

The lights in the hall started flickering and then stopped. About 5 minuets later everything in the other room stopped and I could open the door, when I ran in the Priests and Lauras parents were gathered around Laura who was unconscious. Laura never woke up and was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, but they couldn’t find a reason for her death.

I will never forget what happened and I know Laura is in peace now, I want to warn everyone, that using an Ouija baord could lead you down the same path so please don’t use them. God Bless.

- Carla Mill

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8 thoughts on “Real Demon Possession: Carla Mill’s Story

  1. Carlos

    i have been using the qouija board for the longest time and I am still not possessed i have been also a black magic practitioner and the three names were what i have banish long ago with my other teammate we banished them to a hundred years of imprisonment its impossible they could have escaped unless your friend who brough the board was already possessed and used the demons power to unlesh and break the seal only a demon with a host can do it so no other explenation

  2. KAren

    Hi. I am a researcher for a major television production company located in the U.S. I am looking for people who WANT and are WILLING to share their paranormal experiences. I do not know how to get in touch with some of the people on this site, nor do I know if they want me to contact them. I thought it would be a good idea for me to post something and then willing participants could contact me. I read Carla’s story and it struck cord in me. Its a very sad story. I am wondering if you or someone in Carla’s family could reach out to me. If you are interested please contact me at

  3. cheyy

    i am doing an assignment on myths for man and myth and i believe that this stuff can happen.

  4. Ablackwindblows

    Anyone who dabbles in supernatural things or believes they have any sort of power over these almost infinitely complex creatures without a strong relationship and protection with the infinite power of YHWH is an idiot. You’re only going to open ur waves for incitement like a virus infecting a computer. They will eat you.

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