Ghost, Demon or Poltergeist

From: (
Story type: Ghost
Location: iron bridge, CA
Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Sat Feb 20 20:43:32 2010

i know some of you won’t believe me and thats fine but what i’m writing is real.

my mother tucked me into bed like she always does and she turned on my music and shut off the lights. i love the dark and it used to not scare me. anyway, my dog that usealy sleeps right beside my bed was across the room behind my dresser peeking around the corner. i found this odd but i stayed on my right side facing the wall.

then i felt this kind of sensation run through my body and i felt the urge to turn around. when i did i saw a dark figure standing in front of my door. i have a door in my bedroom and a door in the living room part of my bedroom. i saw a flick of light and saw a knife with a blueish white ora around it. i was so scared because i thought it was the man that raped my mother (he always said if she ever had a daughter he’d do the same to me). he raised the knife as if to stab me but then a tremor shook the man and he lowerd the knife. he started backing up and i though he’d hit the door but he just seemed to pass right through the door and then my music stopped.

i passed out as soon as the music stopped and when i awoke in the morning i checked the door to see if there were any marks on it but there was nothing, it was as if he was never there.

i’m still not scared of the dark but i’m more scared of what might have happened if “it” didn’t go away.

i feel like something stopped whatever it was, because when it shook it looked like something was shaking it to make it not hurt me.

please if anyone knows what visited me that night or what stopped that ‘thing’ from attacking me please e-mail me.

i need to know

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