Near Drowning Experience

From: Kim Epperson (
Story type: Near Death Experience
Location: in the ocean
Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Thu May 17 19:25:00 2012

When I was 8 years old, my family had gone to Virginia Beach for the day with relatives. I was not able to swim at the time and was floating in an inflated tire innertube near the shore. I was suddenly taken under by a large wave and remember suddenly being rushed through a long passageway. I felt very peaceful and unafraid. There was a deluge of colors around me and at the end of the hall was a bright light which I was moving toward. I remember viewing my past as if I was watching a very condensed movie. Suddenly a barrier came up in front of me that resembled a grate. At the time I didn’t recognize what it was, but when I later saw an electronic circuit board, I recognized it as what I saw. When this occurred, I had woke up and was on the shore gasping for air. My mother was screaming way down the beach looking for me. I had no concept of time other than my mother said she had lost track of me a few minutes before. After that experience, I started having very unusual, prophetic dreams and I feel like that experience began the start of my lifelong spiritual quest.

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